Name BR4ND-0N
Biological Information
Gender Male
Affiliates Donald Gaynor
Sarah Gaynor
Doctor Paul Zenész
Affiliation E.C.U.K.
Image Gallery

BR4ND-0N is one of the main characters in Gods Will Be Watching. It is the robot companion of Sergeant Burdens crew.


According to Donald's story, BR4ND-0N is a discarded project of the Constellar Federation, an empathic droid. It was designed to analyze human emotion and status and please its owner and guests. However, it was a failure since after a couple of years the empathic module was overrided with the owner's personality. And the droid suffered an 'existential' crisis with undesired consequences. But, this model has been customized by Donald personally, and by formatting its brain once a year is totally safe. Also, it's not for pleasure. It'll give the user readings of their performance and mood in a great variety of ways that will improve notably their productivity.


  • "Yes, sir."
  • "I'll do my best sir."
  • "I'm sad to hear that, but I'll do my best, sir."

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