Chapter 2: 20 Days Of Empty Words
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20 Days of Empty Words is the second chapter of Gods Will Be Watching. It revolves around Jack and Abraham's (Sgt Burden's) interrogation after being captured during the events in chapter one. Their torturers are the blonde-haired Irving and the masked sadist Alexander.


The chapter starts with a flashback of Burden communicating with E.C.U.K after having snuck onto The Matriarch, Xenolifer's Mothership, 3 days before the space lab hijacking in Chapter 1. The game then continues from the end of Chapter 1.

Special ConditionsEdit

• At the end of the second day, Liam will sneak to meet Burden and Jack and give three options of help below.


Effect(s): Restore Burden and Jack's health completely at the end of next day.


Effect(s): Allow Burden and Jack to resist pain from Irving and Alexander's torture at the next second day, but they won't recover as fast as usual from their injuries.


Effect(s): Start the next day with a 100% chance of lying successfully.

The DaysEdit

Even though the chapter title is 20 Days of Empty Words and Liam says Jack and Abraham must endure 20 days of interrogation, the player must only play through eight days before the soldiers from E.C.U.K. come to rescue Burden and Jack.

First DayEdit

Irving and Alexander will punch Burden and Jack's face

Second DayEdit

Irving uses the hammer to hit Burden's knees while Alexander does the same to Jack, except Alexander uses his fists to hit Jack's knees.

Third DayEdit

Irving uses the wrench to pull Burden's teeth while Alexander rips out Jack's with his hands.

Fourth DayEdit

Irving uses a heated iron to burn Burden while Alexander uses a heated glove to burn Jack.

Fifth DayEdit

One of the hostages is chained to the wall and is stretched, possibly to death if the player's choices cause that, while nothing actually happens to the other hostage. The character on the wall can be safely stretched once. The second time will result in their death.

Sixth DayEdit

Irving pulls out a gun and plays a game of Russian Roulette with Burden and Jack. If the gun fires an unloaded slot, the probability of surviving the next shot drops. If the gun fires the bullet, Burden and Jack both die. If enough unloaded slots are fired, Irving will respin and reset the chance of the bullet firing.

Seventh DayEdit

Exactly like Day 1, except longer.

Eighth DayEdit

Like Day 5, except there is a chance Burden will be on the wall instead of Jack. The character not on the wall will have to endure burns instead of punches, though.

Ninth Day Edit

Alexander holds out Jack's arm while Irving holds an axe. If Irving is dissatisfied by the player's response, he will swing at Jack's arm and injure him. If Irving is dissatisfied a second time, he will chop off Jack's arm. No damage is ever done to Burden.