Ford is a scientist working for Xenolifer, and is taken hostage by Burden in Chapter 6: Suicide Mission To Save The World.

Personality Edit

Ford can be seen as being a wise scientist who is extremely selfless. This is seen by the fact that he can't be broken down easily through physical hurt, and will give in easier if he sees his fellow friends get hurt.

History Edit

Ford had, at some point in his life, a disability that forced him to use a hovering chair to move around. He became an elderly scientist for Xenolifer.

Story Edit

In Chapter 6: Suicide Mission To Save The World, Ford is in a laboratory with Claire, Frank, Wouter, Shaman and Eddie, discussing the wreckage that they're experiencing in the ship. This is until Burden appears, armed. Burden threatens them, and is secretly given information about the room and the hostages by BR4ND-ON. Burden states that Ford's morale won't go down if he's attacked, and will only talk if others are hurt.

Depending on player choices, Ford can be sent by Burden on an escape pod and survive, or be killed or floated in order to get extra oxygen.