Name Greyshock
Biological Information
Gender Male
Affiliates Sergeant Burden
Corporal Jack Maslow
Nil G.
Sergeant Abraham
Doctor Todd
S. Sam
Appearance Chapter 5: Legend
Image Gallery

Greyshock is a soldier working for the Constellar Federation on the planet Legin.

Appearance Edit

Greyshock's face is covered by goggles and a helmet. He wears full-armor, wearing a protection vest, camouflage t-shirt, kneepads, holsters, boots, gloves and shoulder pads.

Story Edit

In Chapter 5: Legend, Greyshock first appears when Romero presents Burden to the crew. Burden quickly becomes the group's leader, and Greyshock is loyal to his orders.

Greyshock can lead attacks on enemy bases or patrols. Depending on player choices, Greyshock can either make it alive to the base, die of fatigue or thirst, be kicked out of the group or be killed in action.

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