Name Romero
Biological Information
Gender Male
Affiliates Sergeant Burden
Corporal Jack Maslow
Nil G.
Sergeant Abraham
Doctor Todd
S. Sam
Affiliation Constellar Federation
Appearance Chapter 5: Legend
Image Gallery

Romero is a scout working for a Constellar Federation crew on the planet Legin.

Appearance Edit

Romero's face is hidden by a helmet, a mask and goggles. He wears camouflage-pattern trousers and a bullet vest. He also wears a cloak and always carries a gun on his back.

Story Edit

Romero appears in Chapter 5: Legend. Romero first appears when he finds Sergeant Burden lost in the desert. He aims his gun at him, fearing he's a hostile soldier. However once he sees that he has a Nebula suit, the two men exchange words and trust each other. Romero takes Burden back to his crew that is lost in the desert, trying to find their way back to their base. Romero puts him as the leader.

Romero can scout up to four zones in all directions, and will then return to the group and debrief about what lies ahead. Depending on player choices, Romero can either make it alive to the base, die of fatigue or thirst, be abandoned or be killed in action.

Relationships Edit

  • Sergeant Abraham - Romero and Sergeant Abraham are never seen interacting, however it is assumed that the two had a good relationship.
  • Sergeant Burden - Romero and Sergeant Burden have a hostile introduction as Romero believes him to be a hostile soldier. However as the two men exchange words and realize that they're on the same side, Romero comes to trust him.
  • Jack - Romero and Jack are never seen interacting, however it is assumed that the two had a good relationship.

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