Sarah Gaynor
Sarah Gaynor
Name Sarah Gaynor
Biological Information
Gender Female
Affiliates Donald Gaynor ( Husband ),Jack Maslow,Sergeant Burden,Paul Zenész
Affiliation E.C.U.K.
Image Gallery

Sarah Gaynor is one of the main characters in Gods Will Be Watching. She is the psychiatrist of Sergeant Burden's crew and also is the wife of Donald Gaynor.


Sarah Gaynor illustration

Sarah Gaynor illustration




Relationships Edit

Donald Gaynor ( Husband )


Sarah does not lose any morale should Doctor Paul Zenész die in chapter 4.


"We're on the verge here, Sarge. Madness is our worst enemy in this situation."

"He wasn't meant to die like this, fucking Xenolifer, I hope they all die!"

"He joined Everdusk just to make me happy. This is my fault..."

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