Abraham Burden
Sergeant Abraham Burden
Name Abraham Burden
Biological Information
Gender Male
Affiliates Corporal Jack Maslow
Liam Ferohn-Gau (Previous)
Sarah Gaynor
Donald Gaynor
Doctor Paul Zenész
Shaman (Previous)
Ford (Previous)
Claire (Previous)
Frank (Previous)
Wouter (Previous)
Eddie (Previous)
Affiliation E.C.U.K.
Appearance Prologue
Chapter 1: Self-Justified Sacrifices
Chapter 2: 20 Days Of Empty Words
Chapter 3: Everdusk
Chapter 4: Gods Will Be Watching
Chapter 5: Legend
Chapter 6: Suicide Mission To Save The World
Chapter 7: Nemesis
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Sergeant Abraham Burden is one of the main characters in Gods Will Be Watching. He is the leader of the Everdusk team.


Sergeant Abraham Burden

Sgt. Burden illustration

Burden has short, straight black hair with sideburns, a beard, and sparkling eyes.


Normally calm and idealistic, but when something happens to put the mission at risk there's very little he won't sacrifice to uphold it.

He also makes a lot of jokes on cannibalism, or they aren't jokes. Shown particularly when he kills and eats his compatriots in chapter 4.


Burden has little or no history, as he first "appeared" on Legin as a full grown man. He recalls never knowing his childhood, proving this further.


Burden originates from the planet Legin, where he encounters Sergeant Abraham and Jack for the first time. Burden landed on the planet as a result of spatial anomaly (Resulting in his time loop), and leads the platoon of Federation soldiers to the evac point. Abraham dies, prompting Jack to take his tags and give them to Burden (shown on his character). After this, the Federation uses him to further their recruiting campaign. To this, Burden regrets. After a period of time, the Federation places a bounty on his head and he flees to the Everdusk, who recruits him for his expertise. Burden's actions are recorded (and predicted) by Agent Amber, a mysterious woman who records his anomaly for the Everdusk. At some point, the Everdusk orders Burden to infiltrate Xenolifer and redirect their cause to weaken the dominance of the Constellar Federation.


  • Jack Maslow - Burden has been with Jack for the seven years by the end of the game in almost all chapters.
  • Liam Ferohn-Gau - Burden has been the member of Xenolifer, under the lead of Liam.


  • Despite the actions he's taken, his intentions have always been morally good.
  • His real name is unknown, as he took on the name Abraham Burden after Sergeant Abraham's death in Chapter 5.
  • He is stuck in a time-loop where every time he dies he wakes up in the desert wearing an Everdusk spacesuit.


  • "We are alive, aren't we?"
  • "What are you doing Liam? Is this your twisted notion of revenge?"
  • "The only moment I remember who I truly am is here. Is in outer space..."
  • "Why do I keep chasing you every fucking time, Liam?"
  • "I'm tired of everybody looking to me every time a tough decision rears its head."
  • "I don't want to kill you."
  • "Goodbye, Liam. Take care of the world I'm leaving. I meant it when I said I believed in you."

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